Formalities to enter the United States without a visa – ESTA application

Do you ask more questions when your leaving for the United States. If you ‘re English , you must complete the ESTA form before you leave. This is required , it is a document authorizing you to go on U.S. soil for a period of three months.

If you want to stay more than three months , it will in this case get a visa, but if this is not the case, then not need a visa , just a valid passport to achieve after 2005 and this famous document ESTA .


Why need to obtain ESTA

This is part of Visa Waiver Program established by the U.S. government to collect information on travelers before they arrive in the United States . This allows them to improve security. It is also more convenient for visitors who do not have to fill the small green plug and allow time lower border post .

To obtain this travel application , you must meet several criteria . Your visit to the United States should not be more than 3 months , you must be in a business context or travel , you must not have committed a crime and have a valid return ticket.


How to get the ESTA

Click the link at the bottom of page to access a recording site at ESTA English. You can then access the questionnaire and you will have assistance , and monitored throughout the period of approval of your application .

Questions that will be asked are the same as on the previous paper I- 94w immigration , you will be asked to enter basic information in a country outside Europe such as your passport number and the date and place of delivery , your telephone number, your date of birth , name etc. .

And a whole bunch of questions for which it is better not answer if you want to see your license accepted . For example, you will be asked if you have any link with a terrorist organization or nazi , if you have a contagious disease or mental disorders .


This system is it beneficial for travelers

Yes, this system is really beneficial for travelers who do not need to take steps to obtain a visa.

Formalities are simplified and you get your travel application under 72 h 00 .

And most importantly you can do all this directly through the internet which saves you considerable time.